The most informative competitive analysis for the most engaging social media network. Instagram.

Zuum’s Instagram data is unlike any other. Great reports, contextual data charts for clear insight, deep content evaluation, and comprehensive competitor analysis.

Custom reports that will help you stand out

Zuum’s beautiful Instagram reports will be sure to get attention. And they’re easy to create. Simply export the report to Powerpoint. Add comment boxes flagging the highlights. Then save as PDF and distribute. That’s how simple it is. Here's a video demonstration.

Contextual charts. How you’ll know what’s driving performance.

What’s contextual charting? It’s analyzing all angles of a metric to better understand how it’s performing and which direction it’s headed. There are 4 key areas. 1) how it compares to related metrics, 2) it’s historical trend, 3) it’s day-to-day fluctuation, and 4) which of its dimensions is driving performance.

Deep content analysis for knowing what to post

Find the topics that drive performance. For you and your competitors. Get the complete picture for the posting calendar for that topic, and which posts drove the big performance numbers. It’s a level of clarity you’ll rarely find with Instagram data.

Learn from competitors what works, and why

Analyze their campaigns. Find out what work best. Benchmark your performance to theirs. And more. Zuum’s competitive analysis will put you in command of the latest trends in your industry.

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