Google+ Analytics

Compare social media performance with competitors and gain a new level of understanding for what you can do to maximize your brand’s impact.

Get the full set of Google+ data points

Google+, like many social media networks, has certain data points specific to that network. Zuum integrates those data points into a cohesive reporting system that lets you better understand what’s happening at the network level. And how that relates to the larger social media landscape.

the full set of Google+ data points

Compare your Google+ activities to competitors

Zuum can track any of your competitors with Google+ accounts. Are they increasing their fan count rapidly? Posting more than usual? Know the trends and how your brand stacks up.

Compare your Google+ activities to competitors

See what competitors are posting and how it’s performing

Each network has it’s own style. Zuum lets you quickly understand the messages that work best on Google+, with full visuals for posts and the full engagement details. See what your competitors are posting, how often, what works, and why.

See what competitors are posting and how it’s performing