Content Performance Analysis
If you need to maximize the impact of your social media content, our data views will make you the marketer with the best information.

Gain insight into how your own content performs

Zuum’s Posts Analyzer tools for Facebook and Twitter enable you to evaluate any group of posts by any data point the networks offer. Using post tagging, it gives you unequaled precision in measuring your content’s performance.

Get ideas from competitors about what works

Zuum’s Campaign Analyzer tool will give you new understanding for how your competitor’s posts and campaigns perform. Understanding content and performance trends of competitor campaigns helps you rapidly grasp what works and what doesn’t in your industry. Here's a brief video of how simply Campaign Analyzer works.

zuum competitive content analysis

Learn what motivates fans to get involved

Zuum’s Community Buzz tool ranks the topics fans discuss, charting whether each topic is increasing or decreasing in popularity. For your fans or your competitors’. One more click shows you all the fan posts on any topic, and how much impact each had. 

zuum fan motivation analysis social media report
See what types of influencers your competitors partner with
Partnering with others is a common way to expand the impact and reach of your content. Zuum’s Top Influencers chart details which brands, celebrities and influencers your competitors are partnering with. Analyze their content for constructing similar deals with your potential influencers.
Zuum's competitor top influencers analysis