Beautiful reports available instantly

Save time and make a big impression

Custom reports that make you look great

Want to quickly create a social media report with impact? Start with one of Zuum’s highly-graphic custom reports. Export that to Powerpoint and add comment boxes noting the highlights. Then save as PDF and distribute. It’s fast and impressive. This video shows how easy it is.

Contextual charts. How you’ll know what’s driving performance.

What’s contextual charting? It’s analyzing all angles of a metric to better understand how it’s performing and which direction it’s headed. There are 4 key areas. 1) how it compares to related metrics, 2) it’s historical trend, 3) it’s day-to-day fluctuation, and 4) which of its dimensions is driving performance.

Auto-send reports keep the team up on the latest trends

Sometimes you just need the right chart to illustrate a key strategic thought. All of Zuum’s charts are exportable in a range of graphic formats.