See how Zuum can help you maximize the impact of your social media properties

The videos below will give you a better understanding of the type of analysis you can do with Zuum.

Analyze How Your Social Media Program Compares to Competitors

Social media does not exist in a vacuum. Quite the opposite. If you’re not closely comparing your activities to the top brands in your industry, you’re not ...

... taking into account a large section of the industry landscape. What benchmarks can you use to compare your brand to competitors?

  • Quantity of content

  • Community size

  • Community growth rate

  • Level of involvement

  • Percent of impact

  • Degree of virality

  • Influencer impact

  • Level of post promotion

Discover How Much Your Competitor’s Promote their Posts

Zuum pioneered the capability to detect and estimate competitor post promotion on Facebook. You can read our original blog post detailing that process here.

And below are a few of the things you can learn about how your competitors might be promoting their content on Facebook.

  • How much of their overall engagement is generated with promotion

  • Which of their posts they put the most promotion behind

  • How much promotion each of their top campaigns receives

  • How much a given topic is promoted

  • What times of year they promote content most heavily

Quickly Create A Social Media Benchmarking Report

This report will make you and your data look good. From pulling the data to adding your commentary to publishing, the report will summarize the industry landscape ...

... and make your insights pop out. Saving you hours of time building a report.

  • Quickly identify the top posting and audience trends for all competitors across all networks

  • Know how each network ranked in popularity and engagement for your brand

  • Know how much traffic each network drove to your website for any given time period

  • See the highest-performing posts from your competitors

  • Quickly add your commentary right on top of Zuum charts to make an impact

Understand Your Competitor’s Best Campaigns

Analyzing your competitor’s campaigns is like taking a look at their playbook. Here are some of the many things you can know about them and their best practices.

  • The topics that drive the highest engagement

  • How much impact their top campaigns deliver

  • When they schedule their biggest campaigns to run

  • Which networks are used most on which campaigns

  • Which media types they rely on for each network

Identify Your Competitor’s Social Media Partners

Find out who your competitors rely on to help them get their message out impact. Here are just a few of the details you can pick up by analyzing their top influencers.

  • How much impact their top influencers generate

  • The topics they most frequently talk about in relation to a brand

  • Identify celebrities or news media that could be open to partnering with you

  • The types of things celebrities, news media and others are willing to post about a brand

  • The devices and platforms they prefer to use when posting about the brand

Get a High Level View of Zuum

An overview of Zuum’s capabilities, ranging from competitive to content to audience data. See why Zuum is one of the both most insightful and easiest to use tools in social media analysis.

  • Easy benchmark report generation

  • Analyze any competitor across 7 networks

  • Storage of all your historical data

  • Unlimited number of users

  • Auto-generated reporting included