The ultimate Facebook page report. And it’s free.

Just login with Facebook. If you’d like to see a sample report first, check this out. Or see the report images and video below.

Get these 7 vital insights

  1. Know the drivers of your page’s virality
  2. Know your page’s most influential fans
  3. Discover the optimal time to post
  4. Discover how many words to use in your posts
  5. Understand what media type performs best
  6. Know where your top fans live
  7. See where new fans come from

Make a big impression with highly graphic custom reports.

Want to quickly create a Facebook page report with impact? Export this report to Powerpoint and add comment boxes noting the highlights. Then save as PDF and distribute. It’s fast and impressive. This video shows how easy it is.

Contextual charts. How to know what’s driving performance.

What’s contextual charting? It’s analyzing all angles of a metric to better understand how it’s performing and which direction it’s headed. There are 4 key areas. 1) how it compares to related metrics, 2) it’s historical trend, 3) it’s day-to-day fluctuation, and 4) which of its dimensions is driving performance.

zuum competitive content analysis

Create a custom, professional report in minutes. Here’s how.

An impressive social media report in 5 steps. 1. Export one of Zuum’s social media report templates 2. Open it with PowerPoint or Google slides 3. Add comments highlighting key findings 4. Delete any unneeded slides 5. Save as a PDF and distribute. Watch the video to see how easy it is.