In an analysis of 12 of the 14 official sponsors of US Soccer, I found only 3 posted about the women’s World Cup victory on their Facebook pages (I used the Facebook pages featured on each sponsor’s website listed on the sponsor page).  It struck me as odd that more brands weren’t joining the rest of the country in a little flag-waving over the championship. Really, what are they paying those sponsorship dollars for?

Below, in the Subject Analyzer, is a breakout of all 6 posts from the sponsors for the week of July 1 – 7, the week surrounding the World Cup game. You can see the specific terms searched for in the posts — “soccer”, “cup” and “uswnt”. The Posts chart shows the post are, not surprisingly, all photos. And the Engagements chart shows a good amount of sharing. So the topic seems to be of interest to the fans of those brands.

Zuum-All-subjectanalyzer-20150701-20150707To further demonstrate how little mentioning there was of the USWNT victory, here are the topics posted on during that week by the sponsors. Yes, it was July 4th, and that’s a big deal for US brands. But Sharkweek over a World Cup championship?

Zuum-All-subjectexplorer-20150701-20150707Here are the various brands involved in this analysis. You can see a number of other Facebook page metrics for the same week, including each brand’s posting volume for the week. Not the heaviest of posting weeks, but again, seems like a wasted opportunity to both show team support and leverage the sponsorship.


To pick out one example, the Degree Women’s US page has over 761 thousand fans, and not a single post that week on the championship, the team, or the victory.

Some possible reasons for this overall low posting volume:

  • It was July 4th weekend and everyone was pretty checked out.
  • USWNT wasn’t expected to be in the finals, so it slipped past the social team’s content calendar meeting.
  • Some USWNT posts didn’t use the terms in my search query, although the keyword cloud didn’t show much.
  • Targeted posts were used, which aren’t publicly viewable. But it would be odd they didn’t make it a public post.

At least some brands did cover the team, namely Continental Tire, Century 21 and Coppertone (maybe your brand name had to start with a “C”). Below are the top posts, ranked in order of their engagement to fans ratio. Congrats to the brands that at least got on the board, so to speak. And of course, congrats to the USWNT for a spectacular game.