The 10 most engaging Facebook posts from energy drinks last month

If the sum of a brand’s content works to define the brand’s personality, then this is an interesting look into how an industry carves out a certain niche, as well as how brands try to differentiate themselves within that niche.

Looking at the Facebook posts (below at bottom), you’ll notice they all contain imagery and themes with a lot of, well, energy. Even for the Burn Energy post featuring their logo, the logo is on fire!

And it makes sense that a soft drink that works like a defibrillator would have a high-octane sensibility.

However, when an entire industry seems to be moving in lock-step on the surface, it’s interesting to see how the various brands differentiate themselves to create distinction.

Of course,10 posts on Facebook isn’t equivalent to a complete brand content analysis, but even with this few posts, the differences between the brands emerges.

Red Bull, perhaps the OG of brand as content machine, has a long history of celebrating the individual extreme sport athlete. From mountain biking to wingsuiting to flugtag, they’ve made heroes out of the kind of kids your parents would have been afraid to have you hanging with.

Moving over to Monster, they veer towards a more familiar-faced, heavily funded type of extreme athlete. Expensive cars. Global spectacles. And major celebrity endorsements.

Burn, the challenger brand of the 3, has moved into the party scene, with their BURN Residencies and Ibiza soirees. Relative to Red Bull and Monster, they’re carving out space with a new take on the energy drink vibe.

How do the most engaging Facebook posts from energy drinks compare to popular Facebook posts from other industries? Compare them to the top posts from fashion brands or the top posts from TV shows, as we’ve previously posted on Zuum.

Here’s the list of the 10 most engaging posts from energy drink brands, based on the engagement-to-fan-count ratio. Have a thought on this list and the content featured? Let us know.

Most Engaging Facebook Posts from Energy Drinks

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