Texas Tourism’s #getoutside Instagram campaign – A social content analysis

I’ve been a fan of Texas Tourism advertising for years, across various media channels. And of course, it doesn’t hurt that the state has good branding and a lot of things to do.

The social portion of their #getoutside campaign fits in well with the recent movement towards unplugging, stepping out for an adventure and experiencing life. A sentiment REIs tapped into with their #OptOutside campaign for Black Friday.

So let’s lift the hood and see what’s inside this campaign.

Let’s start by considering where this campaign ran and the posting volume. The charts below show that between Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, all 6 public posts on this theme were on Instagram. Given this data is from 1 March 2017 – 9 May 2017, that isn’t very high volume. A little more than once every two weeks. Regardless of what networks, that’s low posting volume.


It’s also worth considering how the posts were distributed over those 11ish weeks (see the Posts By Day/Engagements By Day charts below]. Starting out looking like a regularly scheduled content feature, the consistency dropped in early April, and went silent for 3 weeks until May 1.


3 weeks seems like a long time to go dark, but they may have had other campaigns running. In contrast to the Posts By Day chart above, which shows only posts for the campaign across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, below is the same data view for ALL public posts the brand did during this same period. They have a lot of activity going on during the campaign’s silent period.


Now let’s move into content views.

Looking at the campaign theme cloud, below, you can see they’re pushing getting out of the house. Explore, #hiking and venture being just a few of the topics. This gives us a pretty good sense of the communication strategy of the campaign. What they’re putting their resources behind.


Here are the posts behind the theme cloud. A nice sampling of destinations around the state.


And finally, the post in the campaign that generated the best engagement, below.


What’s different about the top post? For one, it forms a quiz. I know that theme’s been done a lot in the tourism industry, but I guess for a reason. It seems to work.

Overall, it’s a fun campaign that’s a good vehicle for promoting a range of destinations within the state. And the many outdoor options Texas has to offer is a key plus when your campaign hashtag is #GetOutside.

If I were running the campaign, I’d push for more posting volume, and publishing on networks beyond just Instagram (perhaps they’re using Facebook dark posts with promotion to reach that audience).

And I’d also try to post this in a regularly scheduled time slot on the same day each week. Especially if there’s an ad budget behind it. It helps build expectation for the content.

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