In this analysis we’ll take a look at the relationship between the social media accounts of a number of large consumer electronics brands, looking in particular at the relationship between community size, posting volume and engagements generated. This can help determine which networks are delivering the best engagement, as well as which might have untapped potential.

Let’s start with fan counts, visible below in the Global Fan Leaderboard. Nokia clearly has an overall industry lead, primarily due to their enormous Facebook following. In the same chart you can see how GoPro is running neck and neck with Nokia in regards to overall fans. However, GoPro’s fan distribution is quite different from everyone else in the industry, with exceptionally high fan counts in both YouTube and Instagram. The other brands in their industry aren’t using those networks to anywhere near the same level.


GoPro is taking a unique path relative to other brands in this industry, placing emphasis on two networks the other’s aren’t. The obvious question is, How well is their approach paying off for them?

Next we’ll look at the engagement levels being generated by the brands’ content on each network, in the chart below. This shows the sum of engagements of all the public content the brands publish on each network. GoPro is delivering a remarkable level of engagement, with the majority of it coming from their Instagram account. Even their YouTube account drives more engagement than any other brand’s social account.

Zuum-ConsumerElectronics-engagementsA big factor in how many engagements are generated is the relative posting volume across each network, for each brand. Below, the Posts Leaderboard shows the posting volume broken out by brand and network. GoPro’s posting volume on Facebook is remarkably high, and Instagram is well above the norm. Overall, though, GoPro isn’t even the most frequent poster in the industry. This indicates clearly that GoPro’s content is highly engaging, certainly relative to this industry grouping, and that a deeper analysis of GoPro’s content habits on YouTube and Instagram would be well worth a deeper exploration.


To summarize this analysis, looking at the fan base, level of engagement, and posting volume is a good way to get a quick understanding of the overall landscape of a given industry. It can show you which networks are most promising, and which brands are creating the kind of impact that’s worth noting and analyzing.

From here, there are a number of charts and reports that can be analyzed, including the type of content GoPro is posting on both YouTube and Instagram, as well as their content calendar for each network. By comparing the top performing brands to your own across a range of metrics, you can better understand the differences that could be leading to their impressive performance.