This report delivers a broad view of social media community sizes and growth rates across 7 industries and 61 brands. The average industry Facebook page fan count ranges from around 344,000 in children’s hospitals, to over 15 million in the snack food category.

While community size and growth rate aren’t to be focused on at the risk of lowering engagement, social media fans are still undeniably valuable. This report can give you a good sense of the community benchmarks across a diverse set of industries.


  • Instagram continues to be the social media network with the highest overall growth rates across most industries. Industry average growth rate averaged between 5% and 11%.
  • YouTube had an average growth rate of just over 24% in the snack food category.
  • The single highest brand social media fan count is Oreo’s Facebook page: 41.8 million

The full report is embedded below. You can download a PDF or PPT by clicking on the gear icon.