About This Report

What’s in this report may surprise a few people. Especially if you’ve been reading the headlines about Facebook is still growing users globally.

But what you’ll see here is of the 65 pages in 7 industries we analyzed in this report, a significant number of them are showing negative fan growth for October of 2016.

The next section is a summary of report, followed by the industry rankings, and then each of the industries broken out page by page.

Charts for each industry show the brands, fan counts, growth rate, and net change in fans.

We wrap up with a detailed view of some of the key Facebook pages in the report, assessing their fan loss curves and considerations for why that might be happening.

Unless otherwise stated, the date range for the data in this report is for the month of October, 2016.


  • Summary
  • Industry rankings
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Luxury Fashion
  • Pet Foods
  • Snack Foods
  • Soft Drinks
  • Hospitals
  • Tourism
  • Detailed views of pages dropping fans


  • 19 of 65 Facebook pages in this report lost fans in October. That’s 29% of the pages.
  • Our previous report on social media fan growth in February 2016 showed earlier indication of this drop in fan count trend.
  • Our February 2015 report on social network fan growth shows a much more positive fan growth rate for Facebook for virtually all industries.
  • Facebook is still experiencing user growth. So it’s not like the network is falling off the face of the earth.
  • The number of brand pages with dropping fan counts could be something Facebook noticed, and sensing fans were seeing too much of brands and their content, scaled back the Facebook brand page impressions fans will see, as they recently announced.
  • Only 2 of the 7 industries we analyzed had negative average fan growth.

Industry Analysis

Before we look at individual industries, let’s take a look at how the industries compare across the board.

Industry Rankings

Overall growth is positive — about ⅓ of a percent. Two industries, however, are in the red. Snack Foods and Soft Drinks. Pet Foods is just about flat. Does this indicate a declining interest in Facebook, or is there some other factor. We’ll look at each industry, and then take a closer look at some of the individual brands.


Consumer Electronics

Only one account is losing fans — Nokia — but it happens to be the page with the largest fan count, by a wide margin.


Luxury Fashion

This industry is looking more robust. No brands in the red, and an average growth rate of over ½ percent. CHANEL leads the pack with both the highest growth rate and biggest increase in fans.


Pet Foods

Five of eight brands in the red in growth. This is an odd trend for an industry that seems well-suited to social media, as well as fan counts that don’t feel large enough to have hit their max yet. This industry group has the second smallest average page size.


Snack Foods

The first industry with negative overall fan growth. These are very large pages, and a large overall industry. In additional exploration on this later, we’ll see what these lowering fan counts look like on a line chart. Skittles, in losing over 45 thousand fans, is the largest single page drop of all pages in this report.


Soft Drinks

Every page in this industry set is in the red. And the highest average negative fan growth in this report. The two bottom pages are the largest percentage loss in fan counts of all pages in this report.


Children’s Hospitals

This is more like what we’ve been seeing in Facebook fan page growth rates in the past. A strong overall 1.5% growth for the month. The Fans column shows that these pages are not anywhere near as large as the other industries. However, these are also more local businesses, which would seemingly have a lower ceiling on total fan counts. It could be that this industry is later to social media than the others, and is still in a higher growth phase.



Another industry in which all sample pages are moving in an upward direction. Average page size is still well under a million, and while these aren’t local pages, because they’re state tourism pages, they’re likely to have a regional appeal.


Page Details

Coca-Cola’s and Sprite’s drop for October

Below you can see each of these brands followed a similar long, gradual decline. If this was more of a sudden drop, it might be attributed to new regional pages being carved off a larger global page, or perhaps Facebook purging obsolete fan accounts.


Starburst. A history of dropping fan count.

Starburst was another relatively big drop in October 2016, of .23%. A loss of over 25,000 fans. The October fan trending is in the top chart. The second chart shows Starburst since January 1, 2016. The fan drop trend line has been going  on for quite a while.


Skittles. Dropping trend except for the Super Bowl.

This is Skittles since January 1, 2016. Another long, dropping fan count curve. The slight uptick in fans is right around the Super Bowl. They had a spot featuring Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. It ranked 25 out of 63 of all the Super Bowl spots.


Beggin’ Pet Food. Long decline after a bumpy 2015.

Beggin’ pet food seem to have started their long decline after the beginning of the year. However, the bottom chart shows the brand’s 2015 daily fan count line. Clearly they must have had some strong campaigns going that year, although overall fan count was still down quite a bit at the end of the year.


Downloadable version of this report

If you’d like to view or download this report as a PDF, we’ve posted it below as a Google Slide presentation.