For the first time, Reese’s is tapping into the Summer Olympics for a new marketing campaign. In an interesting twist, it features Winter Olympics gold medalist Lindsey Vonn.

The campaign features Vonn attempting various Summer Olympic events such as archery, weightlifting or fencing, all with a delicious Reese’s twist. Fans even have the option to suggest new events for Vonn to try. Throughout the games, Reese’s plans to have Vonn provide commentary on events, as well as interact with fans via Twitter.

#LikeAWinterOlympian is a campaign I’m excited to follow. It’s clever twist on the ever-popular Olympic games should help Reese’s to a gold medal in engagement this summer. So let’s take a look at what they have been doing so far.

Posts and Engagements

Since the campaign was launched on July 7, 2016, there have been a total of 27 public posts. These posts are split fairly evenly between Facebook and Twitter. Facebook claims 92 percent of total engagements for the campaign.

However, upon closer look you will find that Reese’s Facebook page has nearly 50 fans for every 1 of their Twitter followers. Twitter has actually had 5 times the engagement rate of Facebook during this campaign. Zuum-SocialMediaCampaign-Reeses-LikeAWinterOlympian-PostsEngagements



The campaign is a fairly prominent one, making up over half of Reese’s total social media posts during the first month since the campaign launched.

It’s worth noting that, like many other main players in the snack foods industry, Reese’s has no presence on Instagram. If Reese’s were to add an Instagram component to their campaign that could match the industry average of 37K engagements over this month, they could more than double their total engagements for the campaign.

Post and Engagements By Day

Beginning nearly a month before the Olympics are set to kick off, we have seen a relatively consistent stream of posts leading up to the opening ceremony. The post volume has risen since the Olympics got underway, and engagement has followed suit as the world’s eyes turn toward Rio. Zuum-SocialMediaCampaign-Reeses-LikeAWinterOlympian-PostsEngagementsByDay

Top Related Terms

As you might expect, posts related to this campaign tie closely to the Olympic games. Reese’s is doing a good job of keeping the campaign’s message clear and focused. From various athletic events to a patriotic #teamUSA, this campaign is all about engaging fans who will be keeping up with the Olympics this summer.Zuum-SocialMediaCampaign-Reeses-LikeAWinterOlympian-TopTerms

Top Posts

Here are the posts that have performed best during this campaign on each social media platform.  Both show celebrity spokesperson Lindsey Vonn in a comical and delicious twist on olympic events.

While Twitter continues to show a higher engagement to fan ratio than Facebook, Reese’s larger Facebook following still enables it to reach a larger audience. The top Facebook post was shared 249 times on Facebook, compared to 65 retweets on Twitter.

I can’t help but notice that these image based posts would have been ideal for an Instagram platform. Reese’s could have taken this campaign to the next level by building up an Instagram presence before its launch.  


Key Takeaways

Putting a unique spin on things can set your campaign apart

When it comes to a world-stage event like the Olympics, you can expect nearly every brand to build some kind of marketing strategy around it. By putting a twist on your campaign, like Reese’s did by bringing in a Winter Olympian for the summer games, you can help your marketing efforts stand out in a crowd.

Don’t be afraid to break the status quo 

Reese’s, like most of the snack foods industry, has still not branched out onto Instagram. Doing so could have raised the profile of this campaign significantly. Oreo, on the other hand, has integrated Instagram with great success, and boasts much more engagement through social media than any other brand in the industry.