This is a new regular content feature we’ll have on our blog. A leaderboard of 25 of the brands generating the most engagements on Facebook.

The goal of this is to capture the Facebook content and community traits of the top brands operating in the US. So we’ve put several constraints on which brands are selected. Brands must be operating in the US, we’ll use the US page unless there’s only a global page, brands must be consumer products vs B2B, and we’re excluding technology and entertainment brands, as our goal is to better understand how typical consumer products work on social media, and both of those categories tend to skew towards extremely high engagement due to the product type.

In the leaderboard below, this month the top brand is Monster Energy. We rank the brands by total engagements generated (likes, shares and comments) on their public posts.

This total can include posts that were promoted to increase engagement. You can get a sense for how much a brand is promoting content by comparing the Engagement column to the 24h Engagement column, which is the estimate for non-paid engagement. The bigger the difference between those two columns, the more influence we estimate promotion had on the brand’s engagement total.

Looking at the Engagement column, you can see how quickly this key metric drops, from over 1 million for #1 Monster Energy to 214,000 for #25 Hollister.

Other interesting data points include Fans, Fan Growth Rate, and Posts.

You can download a PDF version of this here: Zuum-Top25-Leaderboard-2015-06.

We’ll publish the Top 25 at the end of each month. So stay tuned for upcoming month’s versions. Let us know any questions you might have on this.Zuum-Top25-Leaderboard-2015-06