Performance benchmarking report on 10 leading social media brands

If you’re in the business of social media or content marketing, then you know the importance of understanding how your performance compares to other brands.

This report will show you exactly that. Using the major benchmarks for comparing social media performance, it details how 10 of the top brands in the industry rank for the month of April, 2017.

10 Social Superstar Brands Benchmarking

Brands included in this report are Oreo, Burberry, Netflix, KLM, Dollar Shave Club, Pampers, Denny’s, Honda Motors, GrubHub and Always. A good cross-section of industries and business models, including food and beverage, fashion, entertainment, travel, restaurants, automotive and personal care.

Metrics analyzed

  • Fan count
  • Fan growth rate
  • Total engagements
  • Engagement rate
  • Posting volume

Performance Highlights

The chart below features performance highlights in this report. You can see significant variance from brand to brand and industry to industry. As it’s not uncommon to see a range of performance across different brands, you’ll appreciate how this report lets you view a full spectrum of examples.


The full report delves into each of those key performance metrics in greater detail, showing you each brand’s performance across four social media networks. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. You’ll see each brand’s rank, as well as the average for all the brands. For each network, and overall.

The Fan Growth Rate chart below is an example of one of the key metrics displayed across all the brands and social networks.

Zuum - Fan Growth Rate Chart

View and Download

Below is the full report, viewable in this page. You can also download a PDF of the full report here.

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