This is one of those campaigns that exists outside any communication medium or platform. It simply makes a good story, and that story can be delivered through any number of channels. 

Patron has put together a series of dinner events in major cities throughout the US. They don’t offer too many more details other than a sizzle video on their website. But based on the shots, it looks like a lot of food and a lot of drinks, probably with tequila in much of it.

I’ve always liked the aesthetic of Patron, from the bottle to the product packaging to their website design. And if the photography of these events is an indicator, this looks to offer an experience in line with their upscale brand standards. So let’s take a look at the campaign.


The first post happened on February 13, 2016, and the campaign continues as of this writing. Since that time, there have been a total of 126 public posts, shown in the Posts chart below left. Fairly evenly divided between Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, although slightly weighted, in that order. And while that may seem like a lot of posting, when spread out over 6 months, it’s a more manageable 21 posts per month average.


Campaign posting volume is also a mere sliver of Patron’s total public posting during that same time period on those networks: 1,408. So while this is a substantial campaign, it’s not dominating their social content landscape.

Posts/Engagement by Day

The launch date of February 13 clearly stands out on the Posting by Day chart, with 12 posts that day. The single highest posting volume of the campaign, and second highest engagement day.


After that, the campaign pulls back until March, when they kick posting into high gear. From March through May, there’s a significant increase in posting volume, with frequency dropping sharply right around the beginning of June. Since then, there have only been a handful of posts, which is surprising given that the website shows a number of events coming up in the late summer and early fall.

Top Related Terms

Looking at the Top Related Terms chart below, I’m seeing a number of topics that sound like they make up a nice evening. “Impeccable”. “Table”. “Unexpected”. “Simply perfect”. The topics they’re driving home in post after post are adhering to the brand standards they set up years ago.


Top Posts

The first thing you notice in the Top Posts images below is the photography. The photos in this campaign cover a range of events in diverse locations, yet maintain a cohesive feel.

While the campaign had posts that weren’t tied to any particular event, it’s interesting to note that all the top posts were about a specific event. They probably got a nice lift from those in attendance liking, commenting and sharing those posts.


How you can use this

Events make good content sources

While you don’t have to set up elaborate dinners around the globe, you can build a campaign around any number of events. They could be industry conferences, an online product launch, or event tieing in to a local event that your brand co-promotes. The point is, events offer a natural campaign arc. An intro that builds, live coverage at the event, and after-event followup. If your calendar needs content, look for events to help fill it.

Always Be On Brand

This campaign shows how the Patron brand personality is as on-target for these events as it is on any other piece of communication. Patron has spent a lot of effort to establish their brand as a premium tequila. And in these photos, they maintain that positioning well.