Events are big opportunities in social media. They frequently combine a newsworthy level of excitement, a large amount of content stories, and a topical focal point that should be of interest to large numbers of their audience.

In this case — Monster Energy’s coverage of the X Games — the brand employs a number of tactics social media marketers can put into play. The campaign is defined by posts using the hashtag #UnleashedAtX on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. So let’s take a look at the data.

Posting volume on a timeline

Check out the content posting and engagement timeline, below, as posted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The campaign is mainly 6 days long. The 4 days of the X Games, and a day prior and another after. Notice how Twitter gets heavy use up front, when the event is just launching. This takes advantage of Twitter’s reputation as a news distribution channel.

Posting and Engagement by Day


As the event commences, Instagram’s role expands, providing quick, punchy updates that include video. As the coverage starts to feature competitions, Instagram is the perfect platform, with impacting visuals, video footage, and a platform that’s proven popular with the X Games audience.

And finally, for the mainstream coverage, there’s Facebook. Providing news of the winners and competition highlights. Here again, as the event coverage broadens in appeal, Facebook, the most inclusive of all networks, plays a key role in both posting volume and engagement generated.

Posting distribution across the networks

How was posting volume distributed across the 3 networks? It’s about 60% Twitter, 30% Instagram, and 10% Facebook. So a 60-30-10 breakout.

Posts and Engagements


Instagram is certainly pulling the majority of engagement, due to both it’s combo of high volume posting and high engagement rates.

Top campaign topics

And looking at the most frequent topics, it’s clear Monster Energy approaches this like a news network covering a sport event. While the stories building up to the final are great for the core audience, it’s the results that everyone else is interested in. And that’s Facebook’s role, as the dominant mainstream social media network.


Top Posts for each network

Here are the top posts on each network. Compare the total engagements generated by each post. Facebook’s 55,000+ engagements came on the day after the event. The high engagement for a post summarizing event highlights demonstrates the networks ability to connect with a large, broad audience, when the content is newsworthy.

Top Posts


What can you apply to your brand?

You don’t need a large multi-national brand with a big marketing budget to take home some key concepts you can apply to your own activities. Here are several things social media marketers can learn from this campaign.

Take advantage of the unique capabilities of each network

When considering use of different social platforms, think beyond just what type of content is has, and consider what are the behaviors of your audience on each network? Each network might give you an opportunity to reach considerably different audiences.

Social platform roles can change throughout a campaign

As the event progresses, the appeal moves from core enthusiast to mainstream audience as the event nears the finish. Knowing what aspects of your message your typical fan on each network might prefer, and taylor your content calendar and messages to each.