As destinations try to lure visitors, it’s one thing to make a place appealing. It’s another to help a visitor visualize themselves at the destination. Enjoying the pleasures and attractions.

That’s one of the things about Hawaii’s #LetHawaiiHappen campaign that stands out. The way they’ve placed the viewer into many of the scenes they’re promoting.

The hashtag #LetHawaiiHappen also has a nice sense of adventure. The idea that if you show up, things will happen. It’s a good bridge between a place that’s both relaxing and full of things to experience.

So let’s take a closer look at this campaign to see how they’ve constructed it.

A posting calendar that matches where engagement is happening

Looking at the posting and engagement charts below, the first thing you’ll notice, in the Posting by Day chart in the lower left, is that this campaign seems to be ongoing, versus other campaigns we’ve analyzed that run for a short stint. While the campaign seems to have received an initial bump in posting volume in early February, since then it’s been posted consistently at least several times a week.

Zuum - Tourism Campaign - Social Media - Posting Content Calendar

Also, looking at the upper left chart Posts, it’s interesting to note so little posting volume on Twitter. This is atypical of most brands. However, looking at the Engagements chart to the right, it makes sense, as many brands will show heavy posting volume on Twitter with very little engagement to show for it. So the way Hawaii is distributing their posting volume makes a lot of sense when you compare the posting allocation to where engagement is happening.

Introducing readers to everything the destination has to offer

Given Hawaii is made up of multiple islands, each a viable destination on it’s own, you can imaging the pressure to evenly distribute promotional mentions and content published.The term cloud below reveals the most frequently used terms from the #LetHawaiiHappen campaign. (The larger the term, the more frequently used.) Notice the individual islands are mentioned frequently.

The various islands plays in well with the idea of letting Hawaii happen. That there’s so much interesting and diverse adventure available. In this case, each island becomes it’s own option. It’s own part of the bigger picture of Hawaii’s diverse experience.

Zuum - Tourism Social Media Campaign - Hawaii - Content

One of the messaging tactics they’ve employed to add relevance is frequently showing images of people taking shots of Hawaii. This works on two levels. One, its a subtle way to say you’re going to have some great stories to share when you get back. And secondly, it gives the viewer the sense that they’re right there in the scene with the person taking the pic. After all, a more traditional brochure type photo would never include the photographer in the scene. So this is a clever way of putting the viewer into the picture, so to speak.

I like how this DMO has taken a road-less-traveled approach with their imagery. Everyone knows Hawaii has beautiful landscapes for days. What they’re creating with #LetHawaiiHappen is something more special. The sense that you’re in part already there.

If you’d like to see every post in this campaign, download this PDF.