One of the more challenging marketing activities on any medium is introducing a new product line. It’s a one-shot deal, and launching with the right message is critical, as there are no do-overs. This week, we’re taking a look at just such a campaign, from Oreo.

Anyone working in social media should be familiar with the social media work from Oreo over the past decade, so we’re analyzing a brand that’s displayed a thorough grasp of the social environment.

In this case, we’re analyzing Oreo’s announcement of two new flavors: Filled Cupcake and Cinnamon Bun. What’s particularly unique about this campaign is the #WonderVault hashtag they’ve attached to the posts. WonderVault is a popup bakery concept. At least having been installed in several places around New York City.

So let’s take a look at this campaign, starting with the posting and engagement activity for the three major consumer networks: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Posting and Engagement Activity

The Posts and Engagements charts below show  pretty standard approach. A typical majority on Twitter, with most of the engagement coming from Instagram. That’s very common within the consumer goods category. Note the dominance of images and video, even on Twitter, in the Posts chart.


I am surprised there wasn’t a little more posting volume around this, especially on Facebook. That network offers the broadest reach of any of the three networks, and this seems like a campaign well-suited for broad consumer reach to generate buzz.

Moving on to the Posting By Day and Engagements By Day charts below, we see a posting timeline that seems to be a setup for a more ongoing campaign, which would be in line with the broad scope of their #WonderVault hashtag. Despite there not being a clear launch date for the flavors, the campaign seems to lead up to a point in the second week in February where the two new flavors are announced.


Content of the Posts

In the Top Related Terms chart below, the term Filled Cupcake is visible, but it’s clear the emphasis is on the overall concept of #WonderVault and a series of new flavors, versus focusing on the flavors. The emphasis on WonderVault is further underscored with the campaign’s primary YouTube video, which centers on the WonderVault concept. The video has garnered over 5 million views so far.

This emphasis on the #WonderVault concept suggests this could be more of a short term stunt, and they aren’t that concerned with getting people attached to specific flavors, but more trying to establish a sense of freshness and innovation.


Top Posts

The posts below are the top posts on each of the three networks analyzed. The highly-stylized imagery projects a Wonka-esque kind of fantasy land, with that direction reinforced even more so in the YouTube video. Zuum-SocialMediaCampaign-Oreo-WonderVault-TopPosts

Key Takeaways

Social media success doesn’t have to be limited to social media

This campaign uses installations, tapping into word of mouth, the original social media. Social media is as effective at spreading news as creating it.

A product line extension can be more about changing brand perception that the new product

#WonderVault is a fun way of creating news around a product innovation story. Whether or not the flavors they’re rolling out will continue long after the launch campaign might not be the main issue.