The constant demand for new social media content can prove challenging. And while some brands naturally generate content stories more easily than others, even in an industry like fashion, where a new product itself can be a topic of news, marketers still need to figure out how to curate and present content others post about them.

One goal marketers always strive for in their communications is consistency. The sense their messages have a common voice. Are coming from the same place.

Of course, when your content is pulled from various sources, it means the style of a certain portion of your content is going to be determined by someone else. In the case of Versace’s press coverage, that would be the photos. And for a social media post, that’s a significant portion of the content.

Here’s an example of Versace utilizing Elle magazine coverage of celebrity Kerry Washington wearing one of their items.

For posting curated content in a way that has a cohesive brand feel, marketers like Versace can focus on the areas they have content control over, working to make those elements as thematic as possible.

Given the brand often has little control over the imagery used in curated content, they look for other areas to create unity. In this campaign, they’re focusing on three areas to create the continuity.

  1. Similar approach to the text. As you look through the posts in this campaign below, you can see that while the images vary considerably, the tone of the copy has a consistent feel.
  2. Employing a campaign hashtag, like #versaceeditorials. This is a more direct way of flagging users that the post is part of a larger campaign.
  3. The various social media platforms themselves provide a certain sense of continuity for all posts from the brand, as each network has it’s own set of design standards.

Once key campaign characteristics are established, it becomes easier to group and analyze your content, to compare performance. For example, in the charts below, you can see how their volume of coverage seems to be dropping in recent months. However, the recent posts are generating higher levels of engagement. There could be both seasonal and promo budget factors at play, and knowing those will only help the brand better evaluate the data.

Zuum Luxury Fashion Daily Trending Social Media Charts for Posting and Engagements

What can you takeaway from this?

“News coverage” doesn’t have to mean a major publication.

The #VersaceEditorial campaign contains a broad range of initial content sources. From Vogue Magazine coverage to a style influencer wearing their clothes to a photographer’s book. From the term cloud below, you can see a number of publications and topics. All are effectively brought together with a similar feel in the campaign.Zuum topic cloud for Versace's #VersaceEditorial campaign

Instagram was the brand’s primary news channel volume-wise

It’s rare to see a brand with a network getting more posting volume than Twitter. Of course, looking at engagement levels on the right pie chart, it’s easy to see why. So while much of the social media world would lean on Twitter as the high-volume news platform, it really depends on your audience and how they use each network.

Zuum Luxury Fashion Social Media Posts and Engagements Charts

Find continuity where you can

Using tactics like common hashtags and developing a copy style for posts in a theme can go a long way toward delivering a campaign feel, even when the primary source of content might vary widely.

Zuum fashion campaign from Versace

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