For some brands, the idea of a spokesperson is a little limiting. Enter the #facilitydog campaign, from Cook Children’s Hospital.

If the role of marketing for a children’s hospital is to deliver a sense of warmth and empathy, this campaign hits the bulls-eye. For it’s hard to imagine a more endearing concept than dogs putting a smile on the face of a seriously ill children.

However, these dogs are more than just a pretty face. Dig into the campaign a little, and Cook Children’s Hospital tells you how there’s real science behind the work these facility dogs do. Like lowering blood pressure and anxiety levels, making the children feel more at ease during what’s often a very difficult time.

Let’s take a closer look at this campaign to see how it was rolled and and what the brand did to leverage such a wonderful message.

A visual format for a visual topic

Start by taking a look at the Posts chart in the upper left of the graphic below. Note the weighting towards both visual networks and visual media formats — photos and videos. That certainly makes sense with a topic as photogenic as these dogs are.


Looking at the timeline charts at the bottom of the chart above, we can see that while this campaign has 18 posts over almost 2 months, the scheduling and volume hasn’t been real consistent. Perhaps there are content calendar issues driving this. However, generally I’d suggest content be on a more predictable schedule. At least during the launch period when the campaign is working hard to become established in the minds of readers.

A face any reader can love

So just what message did the brand deliver around this endearing topic of facility dogs? Look at the Top Related Terms chart below, we see a broad range. Interestingly, the topics indicate the hospital is treating this topic more seriously than just some fur and fluff to post to their social networks. Topics like important, worked, and participants indicate that this program is taken very seriously by the brand.


Looking at the top three posts, one for each network, we can see why this campaign is a sure hit. The photo is the top Facebook and Instagram posts really nails it, capturing the friendly attentiveness of the dogs, all lined up as if they can’t wait to get to work.

While this campaign has a lot of personality and charm, my favorite aspect is how it works on so many levels. It tugs at the heart strings, but then also can quickly segue into a substantial discussion about the positive impact of the practice. The science behind the story. And that’s a great situation for any brand to aim for. A highly-attention grabbing initial message, with a depth and humanity to the ensuing content that is sure to impress any reader initially attracted by the cute dog pics.

If you’d like a listed ranking of every post in this campaign, just download this PDF.