Let’s take a look at the most highly-shared topics on Facebook for luxury fashion brands. Below, in the Subject Explorer, you can see the most shared topics for the month of June. I’ve tweaked the sliders a bit to see topics with at least 4 posts during the month, to make it less likely to be driven by a single post. And I’ve also set the minimum number of pages to 2, to get topics that are used across more than one brand.

Zuum-LuxuryFashion-MostSharedTopics-JuneYou can see from the engagement level legend on the right that the high sharing rates in these posts also led to high engagement rates, given the number of dark red topics in our cloud. Looking at the specific terms, I’m particularly interested in the hashtag #mfw, as hashtags are typically a more unified theme or topic.

So let’s take a look at that hashtag to see what it’s about and which brands are using it.

Below is the Subject Analyzer for #mfw. You can deduce from the Top Related Terms chart that this is about Milan Fashion Week, as well as see various metrics on how each brand utilized that hashtag. Twenty-two posts in a few days is pretty high volume. And it’s not surprising to see it all photos and videos.

Zuum-LuxuryFashion-subjectanalyzer-20150601-20150630This is a brief example of how you can quickly gain high-level insights into what topics are most shared for an industry, and then just as quickly drill down and get specific analysis on how those topics are being used. As Facebook seems to be placing more emphasis on sharing and less on the like, an understanding of the content traits associated with sharing in your industry can help you plan a content calendar that will maximize the impact of your brand.