10 most shared Facebook posts from TV shows in July

With July the month of Comic-Con, it’s no surprise that much of the top content is based around such a media-intensive event. Tying into an event so well-covered can only increase your chances for content success.

What might be a little more surprising is that in our analysis of 65 TV shows on Facebook, 9 of the 10 most shared posts were video.

Granted, this trend for video generating high sharing on Facebook is something we’ve reported on a few years ago. And it seems to be continuing. See theĀ 10 most shared posts below.

One question most readers may have is whether or not the shows were using post promotion to boost their engagement, which should also have a positive impact on sharing. The answer is, while there is some indication of post promotion, it doesn’t seem to be the primary driver for these posts’ rankings.

If you’re curious about how we can estimate if a brand is promoting their content on Facebook, this Zuum post breaks it down.

Most shared TV posts on Facebook in July

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