Full Social Media Competitive Analysis

Zuum offers the deepest and clearest view of your competitors’ activities and performance.

Benchmark competitor performance across the social media landscape

Benchmark your brand across all your competitors on all social media networks. Using a full range of performance metrics.

Zuum Benchmark competitor performance

Learn from your competitors about what works and why

Zuum’s Campaign Analyzer tool details your competitor’s most effective campaigns from multiple data angles. See what they did and how it worked. Compare their activities to yours for best practices on campaign planning. Here's a video demonstration.

Zuum social media competitive analysis

Accelerate your content creation process with new ideas and directions

Send automated reports to your entire content development team. Show them what topics are performing for competitors. Analyze competitor campaign architectures and performance. Even get ideas from competitor fan topics and photos.

zuum social media content creation ideas

Discover new possibilities for social media content partners and how to leverage them

Partnering with others is a common way to expand the impact and reach of your content. See which brands, celebrities and influencers your competitors are partnering with. Analyze their content for structuring similar deals with your potential influencers.

zuum social media new content partnership ideas

Save hours with preformatted, custom-designed reports available instantly

Multiple report templates and formats enable you to get the right data to the right person, quickly and cost effectively. Reports that took hours now take minutes.

zuum's preformatted custom designed social media competitive reports