All your data in one place

With Zuum, you’ll save hours trying to pull together data from different networks, and even different sources, like Google Analytics. Zuum takes that concept one step further by presenting integrated data views that add contextual relevance to the information, helping you make better decisions.

Unlimited logins and product usage

There’s no limit to how much you can use Zuum. We also help you share the impact of Zuum data to your entire team with auto-send reports.

Competitor promoted post detection

Zuum pioneered the capability for tracking post promotion calculations for your competitors on Facebook. Our analysis gives you promotion estimates for individual posts, specific campaigns or topics, and the cumulative impact of all posts for a given time. Here’s more info on how we do this.

Post tagging

On Facebook and Twitter you can both tag any combination of posts, and then analyze that group of posts by any post metric you want on either network. It’s the most precise way yet to accurately measure your content’s performance.

Fast, free customer support

We measure our success by the value our customers get from the tool. When you have questions, we’re here with answers.