‘Tis the season for looking back at the past year of social media activities. And looking back at 2016, we’ve analyzed 18 different campaigns over the past year.

18 social media campaigns from 2016

Here’s a summary of the industries they’re in. Snack foods, soft drinks, fashion, tequila, automotive, consumer electronics, energy drinks, healthcare, tequila, and tourism.

And there are some real highlights. Heavy video use by Pepsi. In multiple campaigns. Armani’s profile of 5 people doing interesting things and who happen to also be beautiful. Oreo’s WonderVault installations around NYC. Dr Pepper’s Batman vs Superman. And Reece’s snack olympics with Linsey Vonn.

Overall, a lot of nice work. And each a lesson in what’s working, or isn’t working, for other brands.

So learn some valuable lessons at someone else’s expense, and dig into what these brands did and how it performed. The campaigns are linked below.

Capri Sun Organic’s campaign

Volvo’s #volvo60 social media campaign

How a consumer electronics social media campaign leveraged a celebrity endorser

Dr Pepper’s #batmanvssuperman campaign

Twix’s #lefttwix vs #righttwix social media campaign

How Monster Energy used the different social networks to cover the X Games

Fashion campaign #versaceeditorials demonstrates how to combine PR & social media

Bose social media campaign for #nfldraft makes a big hit

Launching a new product line: Social media campaign #WonderVault from Oreo

How Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh generated awareness of a fundraising event on social media

Armani’s social media campaign for a new fashion product launch

Pepsi going big with video in current social media campaign

Georgia’s DMO uses cultural heritage in latest tourism campaign

Patron tequila’s social media campaign #SecretDiningSociety

Sabra’s clever strategy behind their latest social media campaign

Reese’s puts winter spin on Summer Olympics in their new social media campaign

Calvin Klein’s new campaign struggling through the summer heat

How social media can expand on a TV campaign: #BreakOutThePepsi